PACE Addiction / Behavioral Health Treatment Team

The staff consists of Psychologists, Therapists, and Drug and Alcohol Counselors who are pioneers in the field of substance use and behavioral health issues. Our staff bring decades of clinical expertise and personal experience dealing with co-occurring disorders. We all share the common philosophy that effective treatment can be complex. Targeting specific issues of low self esteem and self worth is the only way to help an individual establish long-term sobriety and change.

Lenny Segal, Founder, Addiction Treatment for MenLenny Segal LMSW, MBA
Executive Director/ Founder

It has been Lenny’s dream to create a treatment center that focuses on the specific needs of men in recovery. Lenny holds a double Masters Degree in both Clinical Social Work and Business Administration. With over 15 years of experience in the addiction field, Lenny has dedicated himself to helping people overcome obstacles that prevent them from living fulfilling lives. For ten years, Lenny was a primary therapist at the prestigious Cottonwood Tucson, specializing in the treatment of young adults. For several years, Lenny has been actively involved in community service projects. He is a regular public speaker, educating students at both middle and high schools about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.Read more...

Lenny brings a unique blend of clinical and personal experience to PACE Recovery Center. Lenny is able to empathize with the challenges his Clients are experiencing. At the age of 19, Lenny received an intervention immediately followed by treatment. It was this defining moment that cemented his direction both personally and professionally. Lenny believes that recovery is challenging at any age, but there are specific barriers a person encounters as a young adult. Through his experience and sound clinical practice, Lenny assists his Clients in developing strategies to better navigate themselves through the journey of recovery.Lenny’s expertise is in the treatment of individuals who suffer from co-occurring / dual diagnosis issues.He understands the importance of addressing underlying issues that have caused his Clients challenges and personal loss in their lives. It is Lenny’s belief that by targeting and overcoming these precise issues, a person will maintain ongoing recovery. It is Lenny’s passion to help an individual work through recurring life struggles and share with them his experiences, strength, and hope.At PACE Recovery Center, Lenny takes an active approach in helping the Clients and their Families move towards their goal. He believes in the power of positive projection and energy. Lenny is a firm believer that a Positive Attitude Changes Everything (PACE).
Dr. Brooke Buccola, Behavioral Health Center CADr. Brooke Buccola, PsyD, LMFT
Clinical Director

Dr. Buccola has joined Pace Recovery Center in the role of Clinical Director after a number of years working in the field of addiction and recovery. Dr. Buccola is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in the treatment of chemical and behavioral addictions. She completed her Psy.D and Masters Degree at Alliant International University of Irvine, California and received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach where she graduated with honors. Read more...

Dr. Buccola has had the privilege of working with many treatment centers throughout Orange County, and has created and implemented many aspects of their clinical programming throughout the years. With an eclectic approach to therapy, Dr. Buccola gravitates toward a post-modern theory with aims at empowering the individual to reclaim his or her life from addiction. Previous to entering the addiction and recovery field, Dr. Buccola worked with victims of domestic violence at the Women’s Transitional Living Center. At WTLC she worked with both women, their children, ran education and process groups, and facilitated the Personal Empowerment Program classes for court mandated victims of Domestic Violence. Currently, Dr. Buccola maintains a successful private practice in Newport Beach, California helping individuals, couples, and families with an array of presenting problems.
Case Manager Sean KellySean Kelly, CADCII
Chief Operations Officer

Sean joined PACE Recovery, LLC. in 2012, bringing extensive leadership and management  experience with him.There is a relatively small segment of the business world; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances and motivating forward momentum to get things done.Read more...

Sean Kelly is one of those people, and “getting things done” and driving results through collaboration, partnerships and relationships is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic and friendly attitude, Sean radiates a sincere passion for delivering top tier service to the clients of PACE Recovery Center and their families.Sean began working in the treatment field as an interventionist in 1995. He is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level II with a specialization in Mental/Co-Occurring Disorders. Over the last 17 years, he has helped hundreds of individuals seek treatment from drugs and alcohol. Sean is a proven expert in coaching individuals who are resistant to change seek long-term recovery.It is his hands on approach that is most valuable to the Clients at PACE Recovery Center. Sean’s gentle demeanor creates an environment for the Clients to connect with feelings and vulnerabilities that have prevented them from maintaining sobriety. Sean is also a former Marine who proudly served our country. It is this background that helps him teach the Men of PACE Recovery Center how to accomplish goals, create discipline, and develop accountability. Sean’s own personal struggle with addiction allows him to meet the Clients where they are at in their own recovery, and help guide them on their recovery journey. Sean is an active member in the recovery community. His philosophy is to treat people with love, dignity and respect. It’s this mentality that allows him to create an alliance, which allows for the therapeutic process to take place between him and his Client. This relationship empowers the Client to gain the skills necessary to recover from drugs and alcohol. Sean studied at Centaur University to become a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor.
Joanna Savarese, Orange County Addiction PsychologistJoanna Savarese, Ph.D.
Neuropsychologist/Clinical Psychologist

Joanna Savarese, Ph.D. is a formally trained neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist, and co-founder of San Diego BrainWorks in San Diego, CA. Dr. Savarese has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospitals, schools, family clinics, rehabilitation facilities, private practice, and medical hospitals. Read more...

Dr. Savarese has particular expertise in neuropsychological and personality assessment with individuals, children and adolescence experiencing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, memory problems, and symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Savarese provides individual and family therapy (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family conflict, behavior problems, parenting) and helps parents work collaboratively and successfully with their child, teenager, or young adult. She has been a consulting member of the PACE team since 2012. She works collaboratively and effectively with PACE staff to understand the neuropsychological/personality testing results and to use that information to further tailor treatment to each individual. Dr. Savarese is authentic and genuine and forms a strong personal connection and relationship with her clients and their families. Her approach is a combination of straightforward and supportive and she is known for being very effective when working with difficult situations. Dr. Savarese synthesizes information from neuropsychological and/or personality testing to create an effective treatment plan that is useful and practical. She frequently lectures in the community on Understanding Neuropsychological Evaluations, Dementia, and Learning and the Brain. She has written articles for Parenting Magazine and most recently wrote several features for the textbook The Neuroscience of Learning: Principles and Applications for Educators (2014). Dr. Savarese is the co-chair of the Neuropsychology committee for the San Diego Psychological Association and is involved in the Autism Tree Project Foundation. She is passionate about getting her clients the right treatment they need and setting them up for a successful future.
Joanna Savarese, Orange County Addiction PsychologistErin Almklov, Ph.D.

Erin Almklov, Ph.D. is a formally trained neuropsychologist and co-founder of San Diego BrainWorks.  As part of her specialty training, she completed an internship in neuropsychology at the Phoenix VA hospital followed by a 2-year fellowship in neuropsychology and neuroimaging at Dartmouth Medical School. Read more...

Dr. Almklov has been involved in research at UCSD and the San Diego VA hospital that examines brain function (using neuroimaging techniques) and cognitive performance in individuals with anxiety and sleep disorders. She currently assists with clinical research studies though the department of psychiatry at UCSD. Her work in the areas of memory, sleep, and neuropsychiatric disorders has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at professional meetings. Clinically, she has worked with diverse client populations in several types of settings, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers, state psychiatric hospitals, academic medical centers, VA hospitals, and private practice.  She has expertise in the neuropsychological assessment and treatment of a wide array of neurological, medical, and psychiatric disorders including concussions, traumatic brain injury, memory disorders, learning disorders, ADHD, and substance abuse disorders. Dr. Almklov also conducts testing accommodation evaluations for the GRE, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, and other standardized tests. Dr. Almklov works with client throughout the lifespan including older adults, adults, teenagers, and children. She utilizes a comprehensive approach to understanding neuropsychological functioning and creates targeted and specific treatment recommendations. Her overall goal is to help individuals function effectively within their environment (e.g., school, work, home, social) and to do so using a supportive, collaborative, and individualized approach.
Clinical Psychologist Helen O'Mahony, Ph.DHelen O’Mahony, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. O’Mahony is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has worked in the mental health field for over 13 years. She has worked with all populations and specializes in dual diagnosis. Dr. O’Mahony runs experiential groups to help clients not just talk about their maladaptive patterns but to help them transform them. She received her BA and Masters from Boston University and moved to Los Angeles in 2001.Read more...

While working as a program director at the Salvation Army located at the West LA VA campus she received a lot of experience working with veterans diagnosed with PTSD and substance abuse along with other diagnoses. She received her Ph.D. from California Graduate Institute at the Chicago School in 2008.
Will Sanchez, MFTiWill Sanchez, LMFT
Associate Clinical Director

Will Sanchez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over ten years experience specializing working with young adults. He is the Associate Clinical Director of PACE. Will is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree. He earned his Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Concordia University, Irvine. Read more...

He completed his practicum hours working at Silverlake Medical Hospital in Rosemead, gaining invaluable experience as a counselor for adults with various chronic mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders. Will has a long history working with the young adult population. He coached high school soccer at Newport Harbor High School for 5 years and worked for the City of Costa Mesa with the teen recreation programs for many years as well. Will has worked as primary therapist at the adolescent and adult treatment center level for the last several years. Specializing in addiction, adding an experiential approach to therapy both individually and the group setting, Will hopes to help recreate positive life experiences with PACE. Will believes in a Client centered approach to when he works with the Men at PACE Recovery Center. His groups are both informative and fun.
Lisa Lipton, LMFTLisa Lipton, LMFT

Lisa Lipton is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over twelve years of counseling experience helping teenagers, young adults and their families. Her undergraduate degree was obtained at California State University Northridge, receiving a B.A. in Psychology. Lisa attended Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, California, where she graduated with an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Read more...

Working for an outpatient non-profit organization for 6 years provided Lisa with the opportunity to work with a dual diagnosis population, addressing both substance abuse issues and mental health disorders.Lisa’s experience working at a Therapeutic Boarding School for children and youth ages 10-16 for three years, as a Treatment Coordinator and Therapist, has given her residential placement and milieu knowledge. Co-facilitating Parent Seminars and Family Workshops, to help families have a better understanding of the challenges their children face, were an integral part of the healing and recovery process.In addition to writing numerous articles, Lisa is presently a part-time adjunct professor at Woodbury University, teaching a course on Marriage & Intimacy. Being married and the proud mom of a five year old son brings a personal perspective to her work. One of Lisa’s favorite past-times is to hike the beautiful trails of California with her two little Pomeranian dogs Hercules and Samson.
Laura Nelson, Specialty TherapistLaura Nelson, MA
Specialty Therapist

Laura holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and an MA in Clinical Psychology (MFT Emphasis) from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, in Irvine, CA. Laura began her career as a sexual assault crisis counselor, providing crisis counseling at a 24-hour sexual assault crisis hotline and advocating for victims.Read more...

She then went on to be an advocate at Laura’s House, an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. There she provided crisis counseling to residents as well as facilitating intake and assessments, enforcing emergency shelter policies and procedures, managing and training interns and volunteers, providing conflict resolution with residents.

Laura also provided therapy at a community counseling center for individuals, families and couples. Most recently, Laura was a primary case manager for behavioral clients at Benchmark Transitions. She provided case management as well as facilitating groups and developing program curriculum for behavioral and co-occurring clients.

Laura is an avid comic book fan and balances active readership with diligent Netflix viewing and the constant management of 4 cats and a dog.

David St Clare, MS Addiction CounselingDavid St Clare, MS
Case Manager

David has MS in Addiction Counseling and has over 28 years of personal recovery experience. David specializes in integrating evidence based interventions with 12-step facilitation in order to provide unique and effective treatment to each individual. Read more...

David has a passion for working with clients who are beginning their journey of recovery and helping them to develop the skills necessary to live happy and healthy lives and establish long term sobriety.
Program Manager Sarah Schauer, RADT-IISarah Schauer, CDC, RADT-II
Program Administrator

Sarah began working in the addiction treatment field 4 years ago after completing her substance dependency counselor education. She is a Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Addiction Specialist. Sarah specializes in working with individuals who struggle with chemical dependency and mental health issues. Prior to returning to school Sarah earned a BA in History from Concordia University. However she has always had a love for the field of psychology and counseling.Read more...

Sarah came to PACE Recovery Center after working with an Intensive Out Patient program as a Senior Counselor. Her responsibilities at PACE include working with clients on a day to day basis, managing client schedules and coordinating with community resources; overseeing staff, handling insurance inquiries and billing correspondence, financial correspondence, family support, and much more. In her spare time Sarah enjoys scuba diving, spending time with friends, and being a positive asset to her community.
Client Coordinator Brian Greenwald, RRWBrian Greenwald, CDC, RADT-I, CRC
Outpatient Case Manager

Brian is originally from Denver, Colorado where he developed a strong passion for outdoor action sports. Brian is a Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Certified Recovery Coach. Having had his own struggles with addiction, Brian has been able to combine his love for outdoor recreational activities and a Twelve Step program of recovery. Brian is the PACE Outpatient Counselor. Brian will assist each client in highlighting their own after treatment goals, such as school and work. Read more...

He facilitates educational sessions on scholastic and vocational skillsets necessary to be competitive. Brian will continue to case manage clients who transition into PACE’s Outpatient Program. He continues to meet with them individually and facilitate sober fun activities. In his spare time, Brian spends time with his Girlfriend enjoying all the beautiful California outdoor activities that are available.
Counselor Chris Rando, CDC, RRWChris Rando, CDC, RADT-I
Case Manager

Chris is originally from Scottsdale Arizona and moved to southern California to deal with his own substance abuse issues. He is a PACE alumni and has found his way in sobriety through the twelve steps. Chris is a graduate from Centaur University and is a Chemical Dependency Counselor with a specialization in Mental/Co-Occurring Disorders. Read more...

Throughout his own sobriety, Chris has found his passion in helping others to recover from their own substance abuse issues. In his free time Chris enjoys working out, playing sports as well as playing the guitar.
Stuart Karp, RADT-I
Case Manager

Stuart is originally from Tucson Arizona. Stuart moved to Southern California to deal with his own personal substance abuse issues and is a PACE alumni. He is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Trainee I. Stuart enjoys having the opportunity to work with men new to sobriety and enjoys sharing his personal experience with them. Stuart is an active member of the local young adult recovery community. His enthusiasm about recovery creates a positive environment for the Clients at PACE. Read more...

Stuart is a firm believer that anybody can achieve sobriety and achieve their own personal goals. Stuart enjoys working out, spending time at the beach and visiting with friends and family.
Derek Goff, CDC, RADT-I
Case Manager

Derek is originally from Dodge City, KS. Derek moved to Southern California to address his own issues with chemical dependency. Derek is a Chemical Dependency Counselor and Registered Alcohol Drug Trainee-I. He is a graduate of Centaur University. Read more...

He has a strong foundation in the 12 step community in Southern California and believes in staying connected with others within the recovery community. He is passionate about helping others and is dedicated to make it his life’s work. Derek enjoys hiking, tennis, basketball, anything outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.
Wilbur Smith, RADT-I, CRC
Operations Manager

Wilbur Smith found his passion for working in recovery after joining the PACE team as a Resident Manager in 2013. What began as just a job quickly evolved into a passion for serving and assisting others to overcome their struggles. Much of Wilbur’s experience stems from his own journey through recovery, providing him with first hand perspective of the obstacles the clients face each day.Read more...

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida with a father who was both an attorney and local politician exposed young Wilbur to a rotating cast of characters. This constant interaction with a variety of personalities presented an opportunity for Wilbur to develop his outstanding interpersonal skills which make him such vital component to the PACE recovery team. Far from where he started in 2013, Wilbur is now a Certified Recovery Coach and Registered Drug and Alcohol Trainee-I. He currently serves as the Operations Manager for PACE.

Wilbur began his own journey in recovery shortly before relocating to Southern California. He loves being outdoors no matter the weather and has found a plethora of activities (and sunshine) here in Orange County. He believes recovery is about balance, action and the willingness to overcome challenges. As a natural leader, Wilbur enjoys being able to serve as an example for young men in the recovery world.

Matthew Boese, MA, RADT-1
Academic Advisor

Matthew originally hails from Orange County, CA. He received his bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and completed his Master’s degree at the University of Chicago. He has been working in education for over ten years and has a long history of mentoring young adults from varying backgrounds. Matthew runs the PACE school program, working closely with clients to make the transition from the structured environment of treatment to success in higher education.Read more...

He also runs weekly scholastic and vocational group sessions to provide clients with a strong foundation of life skills. Encouraging accountability and realistic goal-setting, Matthew believes that educational success after treatment helps build self-esteem and more importantly provides positive, tangible results for the hard-work clients have made in their journey of sobriety. In his free time he enjoys cooking, reading, practicing yoga and is also an avid cyclist- earning him the affectionate sobriquet “Lance Armstrong” from the PACE treatment team.

Andrew Clark, RADT-I, CRC
Lead Resident Manager

Andrew Clark is originally from Tucson, Arizona. Andrew is a PACE Recovery Center Alumni who moved to Southern California in 2012 to address his own substance abuse issues. Through the help of the PACE and the support of the strong 12-step community in Southern California, Andrew has been able to pursue a career in the helping of Men seeking help with their sobriety. He is a registered Drug and Alcohol Trainee-I and Certified Recovery Coach. Read more...

Andrew is passionate about helping others find success in achieving sobriety and their own personal goals in recovery. He is known as having an even keel personality, which has a calming effect on the PACE Clients. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends, family, working out, and staying active.
Sam Lewis, RADT-ISam Lewis, RADT-I
Lead Resident Manager

Sam is originally from Denver, Colorado. Currently, Sam is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Trainee 1. He is currently studying to become a Certified California Counselor. His own personal journey has taken him to PACE to help and support others who are experiencing similar substance abuse issues as he had in his past. He is motivated to assist others in finding their personal passions and to help them enjoy a healthy substance free lifestyle. Sam is a firm believer that by establishing healthy life patterns, a fun sober lifestyle is possible for anyone. Read more...

He is an active member of the young people’s recovery community in Orange County. Sam helps the Clients at PACE Recovery Center learn how to create sober support systems to help them achieve their own personal goals. In his free time, Sam enjoys the beach, hockey, and spending time with friends and family.
James Duggan, CDC, RADT-I
Lead Resident Manager

James is originally from Los Gatos in Northern California. James found his passion to help those struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral issues after battling his own addictions. James is a PACE Alumni. After completing the program, he attended Centaur University to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.Read more...

James is a Certified Drug Counselor and Registered Alcohol Drug Trainee I. James has a strong foundation in the 12 step community and has created a lot bonds and friendships in the fellowship of AA.

James enjoys life outside of 12 step recovery by going to the gym, the beach, hanging out with friends and visiting family.

Resident Manager Victor CalVictor Calzada, RADT-I
Resident Manager

Victor joined the United States Marine Corps right out of high school in 1995. He proudly served as a heavy weapons operator. While in the service, Victor was recognized for his, honor, courage and commitment. While serving in the United States military, he learned the important characteristics of working as a team. Read more...

After his tour in the military, Victor worked for the Correctional Systems for 6 years as a Correctional Officer. Victory was known for his keen ability to listen and help them problem solve any issues they might have been experiencing. An area that Victor is passionate about is working with people who have substance abuse issues. Victor has had his own personal struggles with chemical dependency issues. He believe that the combination of opening our hearts and minds, with the right guidance, we can overcome our issues. He believes 12-step program is an excellent template to follow for a long-term recovery. Victor is a Registered Alcohol Drug Trainee-I. In his spare time Victor enjoys spending time with my family. He is a proud father of 3 wonderful children. His hobbies are repairing electronics and restoring antiques.
Ellis Freedman, RADT-IEllis Freedman, RADT-I
Resident Manager

Ellis Freedman is originally from Portland, Oregon and attended school at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Behavioral health issues and substance abuse lead him to seek treatment in Arizona. After learning how good the recovery community was in Orange County he sought continued treatment at PACE Recovery Center and quickly became an active member in Alcoholics Anonymous. Read more...

Ellis is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Trainee I. Ellis enjoys inspiring those that are struggling in early sobriety by continually sharing his experience, strength and hope whenever possible. In his free time Ellis enjoys participating in anything athletic – his favorite sports are lacrosse and downhill mountain biking.
Jackson Ema, RADT-IJackson Ema, RADT-I
Resident Manager

Jackson is originally from Denver Colorado. As a proud PACE alumnus, Jackson believes healthy relationships and accountability along with a positive attitude, are all vital keys in living a rewarding life of structure and sobriety. By sharing his experience, strength and hope, he can relate with others who may struggle with addiction and the hardships that come with it. Read more...

Jackson is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Trainee I. In his spare time, Jackson enjoys swimming, exploring new music, participating in his twelve step recovery and catching up with family and friends.
Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson
Resident Manager

Matthew is from Phoenix, Arizona. Having served four year as an infantry Marine, Matthew brings a unique blend of discipline, accountability, and understanding to his work as a Resident Manager. Motivated and high-energy, Matt believes that a solid foundation, hard work, and good relationships offer proper progress for recovery. Read more...

Only through a radical shift in mentality, lifestyle, and responsibility can one achieve the change they desire. In his off hours, Matthew enjoys reading, working out, and Netflix.
National Outreach Consultant Mike RobertsonMike Robertson
National Outreach Consultant

Mike Robertson is a Southern California native who began working in the chemical dependency and mental health field over four years ago.  Mike has an extensive knowledge base regarding local and national treatment centers, eating disorder programs, wilderness and therapeutic schools.   He is a valuable resource to many of his colleagues and is a trusted authority in treatment field. Read more...

At PACE Recovery Center, Mike is actively involved in assisting clients and their families find appropriate resources to ensure long-term recovery.  His level of passion and commitment is evident by the amount of time he spends educating the community on the abundant resources that are available. In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and children.  He is also an avid athlete and photographer.
Jordan Emerson, Behavioral Health Center for MenJordan Emerson, JD
Marketing/Outreach Director

Jordan received a BS in Public Relations as well as a BS in Journalism from Northern Arizona University in 2003. He is recently graduated from law school and received his Juris Doctorate degree from The University of Arizona. Previous to attending law school, Jordan worked for five years at Cottonwood treatment center in Tucson, AZ in marketing and business development. Read more...

While at Cottonwood, Jordan traveled the country more than 26 weeks a year, learning about the Nation’s top treatment facilities and practitioners, and brings that knowledge and experience with him to PACE Recovery Center. With his vast network of practitioners around the country, Jordan is able to connect patients with doctors and therapists in most parts of the country when they return home. While traveling for Cottonwood Jordan was able to witness firsthand hundreds of treatment facilities across the country. Based on these experiences, Jordan has been able to pinpoint exactly what is needed in a treatment center to ensure patient success. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs. He enjoys cooking, reading and practicing yoga. He is also an avid sports fan and you will always catch him watching U of A games and following the Buffalo Bills.


Hisham Korraa, M.D.,Behavioral Health Center CAHisham Korraa, M.D.

Dr. Hisham Korraa, M.D. is a UCLA trained psychiatrist specializing in psychotherapy and medication management for adults and adolescents. With a heavy emphasis on addressing the individual, Dr. Korraa’s treatment focuses on variables that would impact the individual’s development and coping patterns over the course of the years. Read more...

Dr. Korraa developed a special interest in helping individuals overcoming their chemical dependency issues and addressing underlying core struggles to focus on growth and health. Dr. Korraa works well with several different chemical dependency programs in Orange County including PACE Recovery Center and he maintains a strong relationship with his patients well after their acute recovery period.

Dr. Korraa did his undergraduate training at University of Houston. He later graduated from Texas Tech School of Medicine. He then specialized in Psychiatry at the reputable UCLA/Sepulveda Training Psychiatry Program. Being exposed to several different facilities in the Los Angeles area (with much exposure to veterans in the greater LA VA and Sepulveda VA program), Dr. Korraa became well versed in PTSD and chemical dependency. In addition to psychopharmacology and individual therapy, Dr. Korraa is one of the very few physicians who also specializes in both the transcranial magnetic treatment of depression and deep brain nerve stimulation of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dr. Korraa has been awarded multiple awards over the course of the years. He has been recognized by his patients with several “Patient’s Choice Award” and “Compassionate Doctor Recognition”. He has also been recognized as among the best rated doctors in the area.

Ryan Wright M.D.Dr. Ryan Wright, M.D.

Dr. Wright is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He completed college, medical school, and residency at the University of California, Irvine.While in college, Dr. Wright graduated Magna cum laude from the school of Biological Sciences at UCI, was invited to join the national honors society Phi Beta Kappa, and graduated from the Campuswide Honors Program at UCI. Read more...

During medical school and residency at UCI, he received extensive training on treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders utilizing both medication management and psychotherapy. Dr. Wright worked extensively at the Long Beach VA treating veterans for post traumatic stress disorder. He successfully mastered the skill of using cognitive behavioral therapy to improve the quality of life of veterans after returning home from overseas. During his final year of his residency, Dr. Wright elected to spend a significant portion of his year working at a substance abuse treatment facility in Orange County in order to gain specialized training in the field of chemical dependency. This experience allowed him to treat psychiatric patients who have a comorbid substance abuse diagnosis.
Dr. Venice SanchezDr. Venice Sanchez, M.D.

Dr. Sanchez received her Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Los Angeles and Medical Degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. She continued her training at the University of California, Irvine Psychiatry Residency Program where she was recognized by faculty with the Outstanding Resident of the Year Award as an acknowledgement for her dedicated efforts in education, the clinics and her work with her patients.Read more...

Dr. Sanchez has had extensive training at multiple facilities under supervision of experts in her field, which allowed her to gain comprehensive knowledge and experience in treating a wide array of psychiatric disorders. Her work at Long Beach VA, Patmoore Rehabilitation Center, San Diego Detention facilities allowed her to gain expertise in Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Substance Abuse and mood and thought disorders underlying the substance use. Dr. Sanchez realizes the significant need in women’s health, especially in treating pregnant and post-partum patients who are struggling with mental illness. She not only trained with a specialist at the Maternal and Fetal clinic at UCI Medical Center, she was also a forefront in opening up the first Women’s Mental Health Medication Management Clinic at Long Beach VA Veteran’s Hospital. Her passion for her field allowed her to diligently pursue the much needed training and experience in treating patients who have a comorbid psychiatric diagnosis.
Lesley Gould, Addiction Treatment for MenDr. Lesley Gould, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tate-Gould is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma, issues related to chemical dependency and family systems. She completed her Doctorate of Psychology and Master’s Degree at Alliant International University of Irvine, California where she was recognized as most outstanding doctoral student of the year in 2011. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. Read more...

Dr. Tate-Gould has had the unique opportunity to work in residential and outpatient programs throughout her career. She completed her post-doctoral residency with Kaiser Permanente where she completed program development research on the treatment efficacy of movement-based therapy modalities. She has extensive knowledge of psychological assessment and utilizes a Humanistic Cognitive-Behavioral therapeutic approach with clients, specializing in adolescent and young adult populations. Dr. Tate-Gould also utilizes language development and restructuring in her treatment approach, which addresses the underlying negative belief cycles and statements often associated with mental health diagnoses.Dr. Tate-Gould has had the privilege of co-authoring an article on self-injurious behavior and the relation to process addictions. She has presented at the National Conference of Addiction Disorders and her research interests explore the efficacy of residential treatment for co-occurring disorders and the somatic manifestation of trauma. Dr. Tate-Gould maintains a successful private practice in Orange County where she treats adolescents, young adults and their families to restore a healthy and balanced lifestyle.